Dalaway Handsaw Details


The following images are of an early to mid-18th century handsaw made by a British handsaw maker by the name of Dalaway.   See The Chronicle of the Early American Industries Assoc., 66, no. 3 (Sept, 2013): 112  for my detailed description of  both the original Dalaway saw and my reproduction.

Some details of the saw's  construction

The overall length of the saw is 26 ” with a 22 “ blade length.  The height of the saw blade at the heel and toe are 5 ⅛ and 2 ⅞”, respectively.  The handle measures 6 ⅝” long, 4 ” high, and ⅞” thick.  The DALAWAY maker’s stamp is just over 21/32 x 3/32”.  The weight of the saw is nearly 1 lb 12 oz.  The saw plate is a clear example of mid-century English steel production.  Compared to saw blades from the late 18th century and later, the Dalaway saw is relatively thick and non-uniform, averaging approximately 0.06” thick over the working surface. 

Dalaway saw handle

Castellated Nut

Dalaway Handsaw Reproduction

Reproduced from an early to mid-18th century Dalaway handsaw

Overall length: 26 1/2"
Blade length: 22 1/4"
6 tpi - peg filed with fleam

Handle Material: Beech
Recycled saw blade

Panel Saw

Panel Saw

Panel Saw

Completed June, 2013

Thanks to Carl Davis for the generous loan of this important example of 18th c. British saw making.

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